Embodying Rhythm

Deepening our relationship to rhythm and music through exploration and embodiment. 

The Embodying Rhythm School of Percussive Arts is located just outside of Hotchkiss, CO and offers lessons and classes for all ages and levels in a wide variety of percussion based music from around the world.

David and Arlyn performing live with Feast.


Embodying Rhythm is dedicated to uplifting the entire human experience by helping to make music and music-making accessible to individuals and groups through healing sounds, active listening, movement, the expansion of creative perceptions, and the lessons involved in learning and playing music with others.

Our goal is to assist people in deepening their relationship with life via the study and practice of all the universal applications that rhythm, percussion, music, and dance have to offer.

To Embody Rhythm is to bring rhythm itself into our music, body, being, and life.

We believe that rhythm. . .
– is fundamental to the human soul.
– makes life better by providing a fuller experience of each moment.
– brings people together.
– can transform the world for the good of all.

Who we are^

David Alderdice: Musician, multi-percussionist, drummer, performer, teacher, father, and ethno-musicologist.

Arlyn Deva: Percussionist, performer, dancer, teacher, mother, and aspiring herbalist.

What we do^

We provide inspiration, information, services, and support relating to drums, drumming, percussion, rhythm, music, marimbas, world music, improvisation, practice, movement, and dance.

Our offerings include the services of a highly skilled professional drummer for studio recording, touring, technical support, consulting, and teaching.

We offer many forms of educational experience from private lessons to group workshops, classes, lectures, and community building.

We also produce occasional performances and parades.